Tom And Jerry Blue Cat Blues Ending 2021

Tom And Jerry Blue Cat Blues Ending. ‘blue cat blues’ was not the final episode of the series, and thus. A facebook post claiming that the final episode of tom and jerry, a popular cartoon produced by william hanna and joseph barbera, ended with both characters committing suicide is false.

tom and jerry blue cat blues ending
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An episode titled ‘blue cat blues’ ends with tom and jerry sitting on a railroad track as a train approaches. As tom prepares to commit suicide, jerry recounts the cat’s hopeless lover’s pursuit of the opportunistic lady that led to this.

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Blue cat blues alternate ending. Blue cat blues ending (tom and jerry) augustinefisher63.

Tom And Jerry Blue Cat Blues Ending

Due to the last scene of the short which it is implied that tom and jerry decided to commit suicide by waiting for a train to run them over and killing them, a internet creepypasta was created stating that blue cat blues was the final tom and jerry animated short.Due to their tragic events of life, after what is seemed of them getting drunk, they sit on the train tracks and commit suicide.Each time this happens, spike furiously chases tom off, which means that tom should end up in the swimming pool.If you haven’t seen it, in this episode, tom is sitting on railway tracks, depressed, with jerry watching, and he recounts how they were best friends (in this episode) before tom fell in love with a female cat and both had some good times together until she was wooed by a very rich cat (butch).

It was a normal episode when involves tom and jerry’s interaction with a baby.Jerry on the other hand finds his girl with another mouse.Posted by 26 days ago.Recently rewatched the ‘blue cat blues’ episode and drew an alternative ending, in which tom and jerry don’t die, but live on for their friendship.

The image used for this post was extracted from the last episode of blue cat blues, a series of the cartoon first aired in 1956.The only death that happens in the cartoon is on the episode blue cat blues, where it is implied that both of them commit suicide at the end of the episode (it is not actually shown).Their smiles in this picture do not reflect how they are in the cartoons.This is all the more the reason why blue cat blues is considered as the finale by most of the fans.

This is not the typical episode about tom & jerry.Tom and jerry blue cat blues.Tom and jerry’s react to poohs adventures.Tom goes downhill after that, until we see him contemplating suicide.

Tom has fallen hard for the cat next door, and competes with rich cat butch for her affections.Tom is competing with a rich cat for a girl he loves, who he believed loved him to and later found out his ex and butch got married.Tom tried many ways to win her back, even selling himself into slavery to get money to buy a car, but butch.Tom y jerry blue cat blues espaol latino.mp4.

Unusual for a t&j short, jerry speaks by narrating the story in a voiceover.Unusual for a tom and jerry cartoon, jerry speaks lengthy lines through an inner monologue, voiced by paul frees

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