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Lineolated Parakeets As Pets. 1 x parakeet = £180 cage. A caring private breeder of lineolated parakeets.

lineolated parakeets as pets
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A lineolated parakeet, also called a linnie, barred parakeet, or catherine parakeet, is a small parrot. Although they don’t go for very high prices compared to other aviary species, these birds will sell well to local pet stores as pets.

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Barred Parakeet Bolborhynchus Lineola Pet Birds

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Lineolated Parakeets As Pets

It’s got a lovely print on its body.Lineolated friends is about a caring and loving hand reared lineolated parakeet private breeder, based in london (u.k.) who considers their birds n
othing less than friends.Lineolated parakeet (barred parakeet) adorably known as “linnie”, the lineolated parakeet, a small sized bird is endemic to south and central america.Lineolated parakeet traits young lutino mutation lineolated parakeet.

Lineolated parakeets ( bolborhynchus lineola) are endemic to south mexico, western panama, northern colombia, costa rica, nicaragua, guatemala, honduras, venezuela, and the andean mountains in peru.Lineolated parakeets are considered ideal for someone who is starting out with breeding birds, as their space requirements are not demanding and they are fairly easy to breed.Lineolated parakeets are “water lover” linnie parakeets are reputed for being enthusiastic bathers.Lineolated parakeets may suffer from the same diseases as other pet parrots.

Lineolated parakeets paula jan shares her experience with cracker and peanut with avianweb visitors:Linneolated parakeets are know for their soft chatter and low noise levels making them ideal apartment pets.Linni parakeets available beautiful colors, 3 to 4 months old plus , whistle, really steady birds, ready to be trained, beautiful feathers.Linnies are known (and my experience holds this up) to go through a terrible twos stage around the age of 8 months to 1 year old.

Many linnie parakeets also love to take a shower with their owner.Native to highland forests of south and central america, the lineolated parakeet gets its name from the black and dark green stripes on its green plumage.Not at all noisy and friendly.See more ideas about parakeet, pet birds, budgies.

Sometimes mistaken for budgies, lineolated parakeets or.The lineolated or barred parakeet (bolborhynchus lineola), also known as a catherine parakeet, or ‘linnies’ for short, is a small parrot found distinctly in highland forests from southern mexico to panama, in the andes from western venezuela to southern peru and bolivia, the santa marta mountains in colombia.The lineolated parakeet has mostly green feathering with black and green bars/stripes.The lineolated parakeet is native to the highland forests of central and south america.

The lineolated parakeet or prevented parakeet, called for its alright lines or even stopped markings, is one of the calmest as well as quietest participants of the parrot family members, creating all of them optimal household pets.The linnie is about 16 cm (6.5 in) in length and has a weight of.Their natural habitat includes the dense forests and mountains up to ~6600 square feet.There is a little bird called the lineolated parakeet, also known as the barred parakeet, that is next to unknown when it comes to your average bird person.

These birds are also know for their ability to talk and imitate noises.They can sometimes make louder noises but this is normally due to distress or their food dish running low.This advert is located in and around.This is a group for anybody who keeps lineolated parakeets as pets.

Very calm on it’s own it likes to eat broccoli and other vegetables.We breed our linnies in our family home and they are all offspring of our pets, reason why we also have a record of their.Well we have had cracker for approximately 2 and a half years.While the lineolated parakeet is a perfect first pet for new couples, this little parrot requires a social and playful environment to thrive.

With some slightest differences between male and female in physical features, it attains sexual maturity from the age of one.£75 each without cage extra costs for brand new cage delivery.

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