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Is Wet Food Unhealthy For Cats. An unhealthy cat means higher vet bills for you. As we mentioned above, there is a lot of contradictory information out there about what a cat should eat and whether dry food is better than wet.

is wet food unhealthy for cats
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Basically, cats fed wet food many many times a day will have more energy than cats that are fed dry food once or twice a day. Both dry and wet food have pros and cons.

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Btw, i personally think wet food is much better for cats. But feeding your cat only dry kibble or not enough wet food can seriously harm her over the years.

Is Wet Food Unhealthy For Cats

Dry food contains less moisture than wet food, and cats are notoriously bad at keeping themselves hydrated.Dry food is also high in carbohydrates, which can cause your cat to gain weight.Dry food won’t cause any problems provided there’s a plentiful supply of fresh water around.Even 25% of the diet as wet is good for boosting your cat’s water intake, but the more the better.

Feeding your cat this kind of food will not only alleviate healthy bowel movement but improves the cat’s muscle mass.For some cats, this can lead to dehydration and may even cause serious urinary tract problems.How often should my cat eat wet cat food?However, wet food tends to get stuck in the cat’s teeth which may cause a dental problem in the long run.

I say this after having three cats develop kidney disease while being fed dry food only.If your cat does not finish their wet food, it should be properly stored in the refrigerator or discarded.If your cat has other health problems then wet cat food may be a good way to keep the cat stay hydrated.In fact, there was a study done on how changing meal frequency and adding a wet food diet increased voluntary physical activity in cats.

In the wild, cats get most of their moisture from the animals they hunt and kill, but unless your cat is hunting mice and eating them on a regular basis, chances are it relies on you for all its food and water.Is wet food bad for cats?It has a creamy consistency with added milk which cats really like, although keep in mind this may make it a bad choice for your kitty with a dairy sensitivity.It provides them with water, it gives them a healthy dose of protein and fats.

Leaving canned food out for longer than a few hours can run the risk of contamination and cause gastrointestinal upset.Naturally, wet food contains a lot more water content than dry food.Now that we’ve switched over to wet food only, i’m hoping i’ve changed that trend.On the other hand, prolonged dehydration can irritate your cat’s urinary tract and possibly lead to kidney disease.

Providing that the wet food you choose is healthy then they should not have an issue.She can get urinary crystals and kidney infections.Since food is already wet and there is humidity in the environment, the food getting unhealthy is pretty much predictable.Some cats really like morsels in gravy as an alternative to a pate in a can or shredded meat in wet food, and castor & pollux’s pouches are easy to feed.

The best wet food for cats.The liver in this mix can make it more palatable to some cats who are picky eaters.The reason why pet parents don’t like wet food because it generally costs more for their volume.There are many more wet foods on the market and our feline friends tend to be a little less discerning when it comes to these.

They don’t digest large meals as well.This better simulates what cats would eat in the wild, as small prey also contain more moisture than dry foods.This canned wet food for adult kitties—considered by many sources to be the number one selling wet cat food brand in the united states—has real chicken and liver as its first ingredient.This may surprise some of you, but wet food is a natural source of water containing approximately 75% water as opposed to the 10% water content in dry food.

Tips for feeding your cat.Understandably many owners enjoy the economic and convenient advantage of feeding dry food, but it is just a much more balanced diet to include wet food in the cat’s diet, even if it’s only 50% of the diet.Wet food is known to be low in carbohydrates and high in protein.Wet food is more expensive and less easy to use but can be beneficial in cats prone to lower urinary tract disease, constipation and that are overweight.

Wet food provides more water, and cats fed wet food are rarely found at the water bowl.While most dry cat foods have a moisture content of approximately 10% or less, wet cat foods can contain up to 78% moisture, making it easier for cats to fulfill their daily water requirements.

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