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How To Keep Feral Cats Out Of Flower Beds. A clever way to keep cats out of your garden is to redirect them to an area of your yard where you don’t mind their presence. A group of bamboo sticks planted here and there will deter cats from settling down to nap on your petunias, but green floral wire is less visible, saving your garden from the appearance of a punji jungle pit trap.

how to keep feral cats out of flower beds
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A low voltage wire is the best way to keep cats out. As any cat owner can attest, cats don’t like uneven and difficult footing and will avoid it at all costs.

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At least your produce will be safe! Bitter apple works as a taste deterrent rather than a cat repellent;

How To Keep Feral Cats Out Of Flower Beds

Easier still, empty the loose hair from your brushes.Either works well to get rid of cats.Even if your flower beds are already complete and you can’t see adding more plants in just to keep cats away, you can still use scents to ward off local cats.Fencing and netting is the most effective way of protecting the garden from feral cats.

Fertilize your garden with things cats hate.How to keep cats out of flower beds cats are useful to the flower garden in that they drive away rodents like rats, voles, and moles, as well as their companionship and beauty.However the netting should work, as well as the newspaper mulch.However, by digging (and creating unwanted deposits), using plants as a comfortable napping spot, and chewing, cats may even bring damage to the gardens.

I actually saw the tom sniffing the area intensely later that day.I used newspaper (covered by a thin layer of large bark mulch) in a pair of flower beds and the cats (5) have not used it in two years so i would deem that effective. ted on tuesday 28 may 2013If you specifically need to keep your cat out of your garden, systemic animal repellent tablets should do the trick.If you wish, substitute lemongrass oil for citronella oil for a refreshing scent.

If you’re still asking how to keep cats from pooping in my yard, this homemade spray makes an excellent outdoor cat repellent.In this case, however, the fence should be higher than a barrier designed to keep away pets from flower and vegetable beds and should amount to at least 6 feet in height.Install electrical wire above raised beds to scare cats away.It is easy to make, and you probably already have all of the ingredients.

I’d tried orange peels first, but this didn’t stop the neighbor’s tom.I’ve used it to stop cats digging around, urinating, and pooping in one of my flower beds.Lay down chicken wire to keep feral cats outside.Low voltage means that it won’t kill small animals, but will provide a shock that surprises them.

Make your garden beds less inviting, or less like a litter box.Make your own cat repellent spray.My neighbor puts out food for feral cats, then the cats hang out in my yard, on my porch/deck and use my mulched flower beds as litter boxes.Nice thing about the newspaper mulch is that in composts as well.

Not only can cats cause a lot of destruction to your garden, but some plants are toxic to your furry friend.One effective way to keep cats out of plants is to use a prickly mulch material like pine cones, rough stones and rocks, or a thorny ground cover.Place them a couple of inches apart throughout the bed.Plants that can keep cats out of flower beds.

Regardless, cats can really ruin gardens, so try to help keep them out with tips and tricks below.Repel cats from flowers in your garden by planting citronella or lemongrass on the borders or spray the area with this spray to keep cats out.Scatter the hair around the perimeter of the flower bed or garden, or anywhere else in your yard, to keep cats away.Simply lay down some chicken wire on top of your soil or mulch.

So i sprayed some vinegar around the wall surrounding my flower bed.Stray cats are on the hunt for food often, so they might rummage through flower beds.Tea grounds (especially lavender, citrus, or mint tea).That is why flower beds are appealing to all these feral cats.

That’s what makes this first cat repellent trick so useful.The row covers will keep cats out of your garden beds, though they may use another part of your yard.This commercial cat repellent comes in a granular form, which you.This is good because cats don’t like to walk on the chicken wire and they will stay out of your garden or flower beds.

Try fertilizing your flower beds and vegetable gardens with these items:While this repellent is rated for a wide range of animals, including deer and rodents, it’s also effective with cats.You can also put plant spikes between plants or plant plastic forks with the tines side up mixed in the garden area.You can do this by creating a separate spot that’s appealing to cats.

You can lay down chicken wire in your garden or flower beds to prevent cats.

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