Diy Cat Scratcher Box Ideas

Diy Cat Scratcher Box. (2) trim the flaps off the box. A scratcher or a cat pole will give your kitty the freedom to scratch all they want and anytime of the day without damaging anything in the house.

diy cat scratcher box
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And the best part is, cats love it! Choose a height for the pad (mine is 4″) 2.

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CAT SCRATCHER Cat Scratcher Diy Cat Scratcher Cat Diy

Continue doing this, rolling and taping until your scratching pad measures at least 16 across. Continue to wrap the strips of cardboard around the circle until you have the size you want.

Diy Cat Scratcher Box

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r template, rotary paper.
For that same reason, also consider choosing this cat scratcher if you’ve got a lot of cardboard to use up, as you can use as much of it as you need.For the face, create a slightly curved shape by adding a couple of smaller pieces of dollar store cat scratcher and cutting.For the top of the jacket/scarf, cut the top edges off a dollar store cat scratcher.

Make a cardboard cat scratcher using corrugated cardboard boxes.Make the base for your baby yoda by gluing six dollar store cat scratchers together to create a box shape.Make the cuts 2″ from the bottom of the box, measured from the inside, so that what you’re left with consists of the box’s bottom with 2″ sides all around.Measure and cut your cardboard in identical width strips.

Optional *catnip *twine or duct tapePreparing the diy cat scratcher board (longest step) time to prepare the actual scratching board before assembling it to its support and base.Repeat until the box is full.Repeat with as many boxes as you think you will need for your project.

Roll a strip of cardboard up very tightly.See more ideas about cat diy, cat scratcher, cat furniture.Sprinkle catnip into the base box before you start adhering the strips into the base.Staircase spindle cat scratching rail.

Start rolling the cardboard in your hands and bending at each corrugation, the cardboard will start to curl naturally.Take the sisal rope, the glue, and your stapler, things are getting real.Then make the ears by folding pieces of cardboard in half, and then a smaller piece inside of it, and a smaller piece inside of it, etc.This helps give it a really finished look and can match your decor!

This idea takes the diy cat scratching post to another level, offering your furry family member multiple scratching options while distracting her from tearing up the carpet on the stairs.This simple diy project won’t take much of your time and can be done with simple things you already have lying around your home.Tightly roll these strips and glue the strips together to make one very long rolled strip.Today we will learn how to make a cat scratching board from a cardboard.

Using the utility knife, cut down one side at the corner so that you can lay the box out completely flat.Using the utility knife, trim off the flaps that make up the top and bottom of the box.What you’ll need *corrugated cardboard from an old box *shoe box top or the bottom of the cardboard box you’ll use *scalpel or scissors.When you get to the end of it duct tape it to another strip of cardboard.

Wrap the base box with decorative adhesive shelf paper.You can attach the ears to the head with duct tape.

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