Cats Are Better Than Dogs Brainly Ideas

Cats Are Better Than Dogs Brainly. * more big bigger smaller more smaller * more cuter more cute most cuter cuter yesterday was a cold day.

cats are better than dogs brainly
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* shorter tall more short taller our house is _____ than my grandparents’ house. * the best good better the worst i am not very short.

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10 Reason Cats Are Better Pets Than Others Cats Pets

A cat is more independent. A) are cats better than dogs?

Cats Are Better Than Dogs Brainly

Arrenhasyd and 17 more users found this answer helpful.As the reader says that he/she prefers cats than dogs.Australia is (big) than england 3.B) are cats happy when they climb trees?

B) jane is taller than melissa.
B)history is more interesting than maths.Both cats and dogs are loyal and protective of their owners.But there is no any evidence that cat is more better.

But this lack of interest in and of itself.C) are dogs happy when they go on a walk?C) dogs are usually heavier than cats.C)new york is more exciting than albany.

Cats are better in terms of care.Cats are independent cats are more difficult to study than dogs, as these fuzzballs (being typical cats) don’t really like to participate in experiments.Cats are much quieter than dogs making them a better choice for people who live in neighborhoods and have a lot of people who frequently visit their homes.Cats are not (intelligent) than dogs 8.

D) are cats more active at night than during.D) dogs are more reliable than cats.D) watching a film in dvd is cheaper than going to the theater.Dogs are better pets :

Dogs are better than dogs 704 words | 3 pages.Dogs are considered to be a family friendly and more energetic than cats.Dogs are definitely not bad pets, but they lack some of the uniqueness that cats offer to their owners.Dogs are great pets as well, for helping people to being able to be trained to do tricks or stunts.

Dogs are more of a common pet that most people have.Dogs live to love and please us.E) this brand of pastry is better than the brand i usually buy.E3radg8 and 16 more users found this answer helpful.

Esa es la mejor respuesta que se puede dar ya que las demás podrían ser mero no cordina bien pero la a si.F) they book i´m reading is much more interesting than all books i’ve read in the past.For a brief overview about why you should adopt a pet rather than buy take a look at the clip below!G) italian is an easier language to learn than german.

Give a kitten a box of sand and he does his business without any further instructions.He thinks chinese is (difficult) language in the world 6.Her real name was terry.Here are seven reasons dogs make the best companions in life.

Hope this helps brainliest g.How many people said that they like dogs better than cats?I am ____ than you.I think cats are _____ than dogs.

I think they’re even, cats are calm for if you have a small house or something, and they don’t make much noise.If a dog gets dirty you need to give it a bath.If dogs acted like cats, they would all be destroyed, cats get to do what they want because they are so great.In a survey of 300 people, 60% said that they like dogs better than cats.

It was raining cats and dogs is just a figure of speech whilst it was raining very heavily is a literal sentence.Its dogs make better pets then cats.I’m (good) now than yesterday 4.Klondikegj and 3 more users found this answer helpful.

Most animals, especially nocturnal animals, or those who also have the ability to see at night and day, like cats, or dogs, have several factors that make them better at night vision than humans.My brother has a (tidy) room than me 2.My grandparents’ house is not very big.My mom told me a story the other day about how the vet had to poke my labradoodle with a needle about six times before getting it in the right spot.

No dogs cannot see colours they see black and white /yes dogs are better than cats as they are mans best friend dog always protect his owner and if any one have cat it is for its cuteness cats forgot his owner but dog never forgot there owner.Okay, cats can technically be trained, but even cat lovers admit that it’s not usually as easy as training a dog.Or, they’ll just smack the food out of your hand and eat it anyway.She’s got (few) money than you, but she doesn’t care 5.

Si tienes una pregunta me la dices 🙂 better answer please 😉 a o2z1qpv y otros 6 usuarios.So go grab your dog and pitch it out the window, then go find a cat, you’ll be much happier….So now we know that cats are much cleaner, smarter, faster, softer, and just plain better than a stupid dog.That depends on what you mean by “better.

The 1st one is a scientific answer because it can be proven and answered in a scientific manner however are dogs better pets than cats is an opinion based question and has various answers due to what u like.The dog who played toto in the 1939 movie ‘the wizard of oz‘ was actually a female.The first factor is the structure of their eyes, and the organs that play a role in light perception.The option that translates into portuguese the english exp.

The word i’ is seen on the text that shows opinion.They are easier to care for, because:They are potty trained almost immediately.Think cats are better than dogs, but dogs are the finest when it comes to having pets.

Today is ____ than yesterday.Toy dogs (small dog breeds) usually live longer than larger breeds.Valencia played (bad) than real madrid yesterday 7.Whereas cats are considered to be a quiet indoor pets and not as active as dogs.

Which question is scientifically testable, allowing a conclusion to be made based on scientific evidence?Why you should adopt a pet rather than buy.With shelter cats and dogs, you can be completely certain that you are not supporting one of them.Write the sentences in the correct order.

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