Cat Security Prius Install Ideas

Cat Security Prius Install. A front and a rear plate. Afaik the pop rivets can only be destroyed, fresh ones used.

cat security prius install
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After the cat on our prius was stolen we were looking for a way to help secure it. And, with a few turns of a wrench, it’s no wonder thieves are getting bold, stealing catalytic converters in the middle of the day, effectively making a grand in less than a minute.

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Cat Security Prius Install

Gen 2 professional install guide (pdf) download.Getting a cat security plate for your prius cap city muffler in sacramento california would be happy to install one of these on your toyota prius for.I bought a shield for my 2016 prius c persona from cat security out of san francisco, california.I called cat security tech support and ordered two exhaust hangers to be installed.

I have already seen posts here concerning the miller cat shield, but now i see that there is a competing product called auto defender, which is very similar in shape but claims to be held in place by more fasteners and also comes with a second part that covers a different part of the exhaust system.I have seen one install video where the guy determines some cat id is viewable through the shield, though it’s not easy.I ordered this device and had our mechanic install it.If they just use sheet metal screws it will be cheaper, expect it to be closer to 100$ if the mechanics follow the install properly.

Insurance said to build a garage for the car (we live on a steep slope, a garage would be really expensive).It is a plate that covers the bottom area where the target converter is located.It is made of sturdy yet lightweight aluminum and attaches to existing mounting points on your prius.It is so simple to install that a local shop can do it in under 30 minutes.

It uses existing mounting points so you will not have to drill into the vehicle and will not need to buy any extra parts to install it.I’ve already scheduled to install a cat security plate on my personal prius, especially since i live in an area where i park out in the open.Log on right now to and get you a shield for your prius before stock runs out.Midas charged me $100 to install it, sent me home and my car sounded like a truck from the vibration of the muffler on the shield.

Now in 304 stainless steel for the highest level of protection in the industry!Once installed it provides a strong barrier against catalytic converter theft.One of the cops who came out said there were cables and plates available that would help secure the unit.Our goal is to help protect your catalytic converter from theft.

Please bear with us during the pandemic.Save the time, the towing, and the inconvenience of losing your prius for any extended amount of time.Spacers, noise dampeners, and 3d features on the shield ensure that there.Supposedly the cat id numbers can be read without removing the shield.

The original cat security™ cat shield the original cat security™ cat shield the original cat security™ cat shield.The prius c cat shield is held in place with the same style security hardware we use on all our other cat shields.The shield manufacturers have thought of this, or the product would not be viable.The shield was carefully measured against the frame of the vehicle to give it the most accurate fit.

The worst part is, most of them make a clean getaway.These two plates together block access to the catalytic converter as well as make it difficult to remove the heat extractor behind the catalytic converter, which if removed can damage engine due to loss of engine coolant.Thieves, in less than three minutes, can and will steal your catalytic converter.This is the same set up we have for our generation 2 cat shield, which is the number one selling product in the united states for prius.

This mounting bar is installed with security hardware which we supply as well.This reason is that they (a theif) will need to get through these shields before they could even cut the front of the assembly and if they can not cut the front then cutting the back does nothing.Toyota prius level 2 addendum v.2 (pdf) download.We appreciate your understanding ** our prius generation 3 cat security™ cat shield is made up of two parts.

We appreciate your understanding **cap city muffler is proud to introduce the cat security™ cat shield.We are authorized installers of “cat security”.We decided to create a mounting bar with this cat shield to make the overall size smaller which we could translate into cost saving and shipping savings.We did not see it necessary to add a rear shield behind the secondary catalytic converter like we did on our generation three product.

We have noticed that some of our shipped packages have been held up at mailing hubs.What’s unfortunate, is you the owner, get stuck with the massive repair bill.

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