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Cat Litter That Changes Color If Cat Is Sick. A safe ph (or alkaline) detector coats diagnostic cat litter. A uniquely formulated crystal cat litter, pretty litter helps alert you to potential health problems based on chemicals in your cat’s urine.

cat litter that changes color if cat is sick
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According to prettylitter’s website, the granules are made of porous silica gel containing the company’s patented health indicators. And since the litter is made of little.

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Basically, when your cat pees in the cat litter, the litter will change color. Because the crystals will change color if it detects changes in your cat’s urine.

Cat Litter That Changes Color If Cat Is Sick

For example, if your cat litter turns a certain shade of orange, it’ll identify if your cat has acidic urine.In the animal field we are serious students of “poopology” (the study of poop).It changes colors based on the ph of your cat’s urine, allowing you to potentially catch health problems just as they start.It does this quite well and this feature is largely why most cat owners decide to purchase it.

It helps detecting health problems:It isn’t intended to diagnose health problems, but it can help alert you to them so you can get your vet involved.Made from a combination of silica gel and proprietary health indicators, pretty litter actually changes color with your cat’s urine to give you hints about what’s going on in his body.Medical attention should be sought immediately when you notice changes in the litterbox.

Once per month cat owners pour monthly monitor on top of a freshly changed litter box.Pretty litter is renowned for its ability to catch health problems early.Prettylitter changes color to tell you when your cat has a potential health issue, so you can get them help before it becomes an urgent medical situation.Prettylitter is a special cat litter that changes colors to alert owners of potential illnesses that can be detected via the urine in an otherwise asymptomatic cat.

Prettylitter is a unique litter that claims to change color to let you know if there’s something up with your cat’s health, even if he can’t (or won’t) tell you himself.Recently we learned about pretty litter™, an innovative cat litter that is designed to help you spot issues in your cat’s urine by changing color.So, if the litter changes to a color out of the norm, it’s an indication the cat should visit the veterinarian for a diagnosis.The cat owner simply compares the color of the crystals at the urination spot with the colors on the card enclosed in each bag to determine the approximate ph range.

The color that litter changes will help you to get a better idea of your cat’s health.The idea of pretty litter cat litter is that you’ll get an early warning if your cat is ill or sick judging from the pretty litter cat litters color so you can get them to the veterinary office to make sure your cat is healthy, especially if they need treatment for urinary tract infections.The litter actually changes color if the acidity of your cat’s urine changes, letting you know it might be time to pay a visit to your veterinarian.The litter changes color if it detects changes in your cat’s urine.

The litter is coated with a specialized (but totally safe) ph detector, which will change color when your cat’s urine touches it.The same goes for urine color or the amount of urine in the litter box.The soiled litter will show the following:Then after the cat urinates in the litter box the ph indicators in monthly monitor change color.

This color changing happens because the crystals in pretty litter are able to detect the ph of your cats urine, which can be low (acidic) or high (alkaline) if your cat is sick.This could save you big money on expensive vet bills, not to mention it could save your cat’s life.This is super helpful for many cat parents who want to stay in the know about their animal’s health, even though their cats can be a bit stoic (for lack of a better word) and not show when they’re feeling unwell.This kitty litter knew my cat was sick before my veterinarian did.

To use this, simply replace it with your existing litter of your choosing.Too good to be true?Touted as a “health monitoring cat litter,” prettylitter crystals actually change color depending on what’s in your animal’s urine.Tp90yxyhy fully enclosed cat litter box automatic cat litter tray cleaning drawer type changing cat litter is easier to clean with cat litter board to reduce external splashing of cat litter $154.79 $ 154.

Use the color guide on the side of the box to determine if your cat’s urine has a high ph level, which is indicative of possible urinary health issues.We give this cat litter a rating of 4.9 out of 5.We purchased pretty litter cat litter.When your cat uses the litter box, the litter will turn a specific color to indicate certain abnormalities, indicating that a visit to the veterinarian is in order.

“the color changes when there’s a problem with your cat’s health,” martinetti.

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