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Cat Food Recall Blue Buffalo. (2021 update) like most major pet food manufacturers, blue buffalo has a relatively active recall history. (no dry pet foods were part of this recall):

cat food recall blue buffalo
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1/9/2018 · truthfully blue buffalo and blue wilderness pet foods have been plaqued with an 8 year pet food recall; According to the fda, propylene glycol cannot be added into any cat food product.

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According to the fda, there was melamine presence in rich protein concentrate on most blue buffalo foods. All 2020 cat food recalls are listed in the table below.

Cat Food Recall B
lue Buffalo

Blue buffalo cat and kitten food ingredients:Blue buffalo cat food recall:Blue buffalo cat food reviews have come a long way, in as far as the recall and health issues were warranty.Blue buffalo hasn’t issued a recall since march 2017 when they’re line of dog food was recalled due to elevated thyroid hormone.

Blue buffalo healthy gourmet indoor chicken:Blue buffalo is known to cause kidney failure.Blue buffalo pet food recall history.Blue buffalo recall in 2007.

Blue buffalo recall in 2010.Blue buffalo recalled a limited number of blue kitty yums chicken recipe cat treats.Blue buffalo was involved in the nationwide melamine recalls.Blue buffalo was part of the great melamine recall of 2007.

Blue buffalo wet cat foods.Blue buffalo’s cat food has been recalled twice:Blue natural veterinary diet km for kidney support + mobility.Click the links in the table below to see the specific, important details about each recall.

Controlled levels of phosphorus and sodium.Controlled protein levels with 29.7% protein on a dry matter basis.Don’t get lured in by their great advertising.Fda report dated april 19, 2007 (archived here).

Filed in new york, blue buffalo is facing a class action lawsuit regarding the pet food’s marketing and.Formulated to help manage kidney disease and mobility health in cats.Has blue buffalo cat food ever been recalled?I just lost one cat and have another at the vet in kidney failure.

In 2007 blue buffalo had a pet food recall on their cat food formulas due to containing melamine—a substance known to cause kidney failure among pets.In 2007, blue buffalo was affected by national melamine recalls.In 2010, once again the company recalls their products because some of them contain excessive amount of vitamin d.In this summary article, after the popular recall, we will include an overview of the firm and examine blue buffalo cat food reviews.

Is there a recall on blue buffalo cat food?Is voluntarily recalling a limited production of blue kitty yums chicken recipe cat treats that may contain low levels of propylene glycol, which is not permitted by the fda for use in cat food, according to the food and drug administration.It affected over 100,000 dogs and cats from coast to coast.It does not contain any harmful ingredients like corn, artificial color and flavors, gluten, wheat, and soy.

Made with real chicken, this wet cat food is high in protein and is known for promoting learner figure, strong muscles, and better cardiovascular health.Merrick’s cat food has never been recalled.More than 100 dog and cat foods were recalled due to the presence of a lethal chemical called melamine that entered the food at a chinese processing plant, and thousands of pets died as a result of eating the tainted food (although we don’t know if any died from eating blue buffalo specifically).Sadly, blue buffalo was part of the 2007 melamine recall which affected many pet food supplies across multiple species.

So far $1,000 in vet bills.Starting with real chicken, it also features:The affected foods were all canned dog food, spa select canned cat food, all dog treats, and spa select kitten dry food.The blue buffalo 2015 cat food recall is a prime example of why outsourcing the manufacturing process is problematic.

The fda confirmed the presence of melamine in rice protein concentrate in blue buffalo foods.The good news is that since the recall the company has implemented stringent quality control and there has been no recalls since.The ingredients are varies depending on the product line.The most notorious of the lot took place in april 2007 when it was revealed that the rice protein in blue buffalo blue spa select canned cat food and blue buffalo spa select kitten dry food contained melamine.

The most recent recall happened in 2017 for their dog food created with beef.The plaintiff claimed that levels of lead were found in three pet foods.The products affected by this recall included all cans of blue buffalo blue dog food, all cans of blue buffalo blue spa select cat food, all blue buffalo blue dog treats, and blue.The products included in the recall may have contained low levels of propylene glycol.

The skinny on the blue buffalo cat food recall.There have been several blue buffalo pet food recalls in the past.There was a lawsuit against blue buffalo by a single plaintiff, which called into question the safety of blue buffalo dog and cat foods.This melamine recall affected a huge number of pet food brands across the united states, including diamond, kirkland, and royal canin.

This prompted a recall of all their canned dog food, all cans of their spa select canned cat food, all dog treats, and blue buffalo spa select kitten dry food.Two vets slammed blue buffalo for the nutritional quality of their food, the lack of ongoing testing of the quality of the food.While they don’t rank significantly worse than their competitors in terms of recalls, the brand’s small family business’ aesthetic does make these contamination events all the more frustrating.Yes, in 2007, the company recalls some of their products due to contamination with melamine.

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